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September 2018. Riverbeck have announced the development of circuit IP for low power ISM band radio. The IP is silicon proven in 90nm CMOS. .

April 2018. Riverbeck are pleased to announce agreement for the development of a satellite transceiver ASIC targeting Ka band applications. This development is co-funded by ESA. First silicon will be delivered to strategic partners in 2019. .

October 2017. Riverbeck are pleased to announce the development of a K band wide bandwidth, true time delay beam former for satellite applications. .

January 2016. Riverbeck are pleased to announce the completion of a power line modem for building automation. .

Riverbeck, a UK-based RF semiconductor design services company, announced that it has designed a revolutionary new satellite TV destacking chipset for Global Invacom.

Custom Chips. Creating low cost innovative chips to meet your needs, timescale and budget.

IP Design. Boost your design team and speed up your time to market with out talented design team.

We take your idea or specification and work with you to define the product, risks, schedules and costs then turn the idea into a real product.

Broadcast Company. Needed a video distribution ASIC to reduce cost and protect IP.

Sensor Telemetry. Clients needed a wireless telemetry system monitored by a Smartphone app.